A few general guidelines

Qualifications for listing a used trade show display on consignment

In efforts to deliver our buyers the highest quality pre-owned inventories available on the market and provide our sellers with the best opportunity to sell their used displays, we have implemented a quick pre-approval process for all displays being submitted to us for consignment sale on our site. Our ultimate goal is to provide our buyers with the most current, desirable and usable selection of quality exhibits to select from. In most cases the approval process will be quick and easy. However in some rare cases we deny a request to list a display in our pre-owned marketplace. For further clarification we have correlated a general list of guidelines below that may result in a posting denial.

In the case that your consignment ad is determined unacceptable for approval, you will be provided with the specific reason(s) your ad was denied and if applicable, any options you may have for approval. We are always here to help answer any questions you may have regarding the consignment process.