2016 Modular Exhibit in Excellent Condition For Sale

Asking Price $5,500
  • Exhibit Type: Portable/Modular
  • Manufacturer/Builder: Unknown
  • Year Purchased: 2016
  • Original Purchase Price: $9,500
  • Asking Price: $5,500
  • Is Price Negotiable: Negotiable
  • Who Pays Shipping: Negotiable
  • Approx. Number of Times Used: 7
  • Current Condition: Excellent
  • Industry Use In: Education
  • Location Stored: Acworth, GA

Display Specs

  • Exhibit Size: 10' x 10'; Height 8'
  • Drawings Available: Construction / Detailed, Set Up / Assembly
  • Download Drawings: Drawing File 1  
  • Stamped Engineering Drawings Available: No

Shipping Details

  • Shipping Weight: 57lbs
  • Typical Shipping Method: UPS/Fed Ex
  • Shipping Cases Included: Yes
  • Shipping Dimensions Available: No
  • Shipping Containers:
    • (2) Rolling Case

Graphics & Primary Materials

  • Graphics: Hanging sign, Tension Fabric / SEG graphics
  • Detailed Graphic Info Available: Yes
  • Primary Materials: Fabric, Laminates, Metal / Aluminum

Features & Components

Monitor mounts
  • (1) Kiosk
  • (2) Display Lighting


This booth has two mounts for monitors on both sides of the structure. The tv monitors not included but it we used two cheap 36 inch tvs.. The back graphics are a screen that is inexpensive to replace with your graphics or images. We had several different backgrounds that we used. The name plate for our company can be printed and sized with your logo for very little cost. There is an ipad stand in the center and it has lights on the top right and left that can be aimed at the display. There are two small tables that mount to the right and left side for brochures or whatever you choose to put on them. The entire booth collapses into two red cases, which are included, that have wheels.