2021 Used Booth in Excellent Condition For Sale

Asking Price $1,500
  • Exhibit Type: Portable/Modular
  • Manufacturer/Builder: The Opus Group
  • Year Purchased: 2021
  • Original Purchase Price: $10,000
  • Asking Price: $1,500
  • Is Price Negotiable: Negotiable
  • Who Pays Shipping: Buyer
  • Approx. Number of Times Used: 2
  • Current Condition: Excellent
  • Location Stored: Burbank, CA

Display Specs

  • Exhibit Size: 20' x 20'; Height 20'
  • Drawings Available: Renderings
  • Stamped Engineering Drawings Available: No

Shipping Details

  • Shipping Weight: 0lbs
  • Typical Shipping Method: UPS/Fed Ex
  • Shipping Cases Included: No
  • Shipping Dimensions Available: No

Graphics & Primary Materials

  • Primary Materials: Metal / Aluminum


Size: 20x20 Frame ONLY The middle/center piece is not included The photos show a 20x10 mockup, however the frame is actually 20x20 1) the booth is comprised of 2” by 4” and 4” by 4” aluminum rail extrusions (all the black pieces that make up the rectangular frames and the overhead connection pieces). They are powder coated to have very long finish life. The artwork is all vinyl wrapped 1/4” acrylic that can be removed and changed out with new vinyl sheets for any type of branding/artwork. Inside the frames for each of the 4 panels are LED lights that wide illuminate the acrylic to allow any cutouts in the vinyl to glow. This can be customized to whatever is printed for the new artwork. 2) setup instructions: The tools required are just an Allen key which tighten bolts to hold all the corner labels and overhead pieces. 3) graphic specs: used 48” by 96” artwork and applied the vinyl onto the acrylic panels in house, but any print company could do this also to change out the artwork to make it applicable to the new buyer/user.