Generations of Knowledge

Our Story

Recognized as the pioneers of the most successful pre-owned exhibit market place in the trade show industry, ExhibitTrader.com has expanded its client offerings to become a premier turnkey exhibit solutions provider. With the additions of our New Exhibit and Rental Exhibit divisions over the past decade, we now offer the most comprehensive breadth of trade show exhibits and exhibit related services on the internet today. Our immense inventory of New, Rental and Pre-Owned trade show displays solutions, combined with award winning exhibit and graphic design capabilities and turnkey exhibit support services make us the go to exhibit resource, bringing brands and customers together across North America and Canada.

Our History

Founded in 2003 with four generations of exhibit design, production and installation expertise at our core, ExhibitTrader.com continues to build upon our family’s tradeshow lineage dating back to the early 1950’s. The in-depth knowledge gained through decades of experience has contributed greatly to our teams expertise in​ exhibit design and manufacturing, face to face marketing, and the multi-faceted services surrounding trade show and event marketing. Harboring endless determination to create new advances in the marketplace and the desire to deliver the very best customer service experience for our clients has long been our family’s recipe for success. ​We honor our continuing contribution to the greater tradeshow experience and are dedicated to our company motto​: “service, service, service and then service some more...”

"Great relationships are built by doing what's right for our clients every day, offering them eye catching trade show displays at the best price and leaving them with a customer experience that exceeds all expectations."

Ray C. Rogowicz, CEO ExhibitTrader.com

Our Mission

ExhibitTrader.com’s mission aims to bridge the gap between two diverse models in the trade show display industry: The more expensive brick and mortar exhibit houses with large overheads and that of the less experienced, internet sales model offering only a basic style portable “commodity” market with very limited customer support. Our expanded focus strategically provides exhibitors access to an endless array of display solutions and options directly from their desktop. They can easily tap into our team’s deep well of tradeshow exhibit design and production knowledge, generations of onsite show service expertise and formidable years of internet technology experience. This positioning allows ExhibitTrader.com to provide award winning display solutions and unmatched customer service at a more budget friendly cost than the traditional brick and mortar exhibit house while bypassing inexperience and lack of services offered by the typical “mom and pop websites”.

Our Team

ExhibitTrader CEO

Ray C. Rogowicz
CEO / President
49 Years

ExhibitTrader Chief Operating Officer

Chad Rogowicz
COO / Executive Vice President
29 Years

Senior Trade Show Display Consultant

Lindsay Rogowicz
Senior Display Consultant
17 Years

ExhibitTrader Vice President of Marketing

Lindsey Pierce
Vice President of Marketing
6 Years

Trade Show Display Consultant

Cherie Word
Senior Display Consultant
11 Years

ExhibitTrader Senior National Accounts Manager

Corinne McMinn
Senior National Account Manager
7 Years

Trade Show Display and Graphics Designer

Kevin Beck - iC3 Creative
Exhibit and Graphic Design
36 Years

ExhibitTrader Accounting and Inventory Control

Donna Godfrey
Accounting & Inventory Control
15 years

Exhibit and Display Content Management

Michele Pennington
Data Entry / Website Specialist
2 Year

Our Principles​

Trust...We do not take the trust that is placed in us lightly- believing our honor and integrity to be at stake in doing otherwise. While economic reward may be realized by both parties in a successful partnership; the deeper incentive for us is delivering on our promise. We learned from four generations of display fathers before us, a man’s word is his bond.

“I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man.”     George Washington

Team Work...Success as a team comes when we all work together with clear objective(s) toward accomplishing another’s goal. Achievement comes thru offering good value, quality products and services to our clients; establishing partnerships with respected vendors; paying for services in a timely manner; and by maintaining a work environment conducive to employees’ growth, both professionally and personally.

“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools”     Martin Luther King, Jr.

Service...Though our integrity and reliability is as stout as the oak; pliability in servicing our customer's needs is the cornerstone of our mission. Having spent a lifetime engaged in battles that are won or lost on that great show floor; we well understand the obstacles and unforeseen barriers that may stand in opposition of client success. We will give of ourselves 24/7, when required, to deliver on our clients objectives.

"Always do more than is required of you"     Gen. George S. Patton

Community...Family and community, ours and yours, are part and parcel to life. Each individual must be free enough to do for others; secure enough to live peacefully amongst our fellow man/woman; and safe enough to allow for diversity of thought, values and religions. From these three privileges, communities are built and reciprocity ensues. The benefits enjoyed by the ExhibitTrader.com family are shared with families in need, community groups and nonprofit organizations. We thank you for being part of our virtual community and the contribution your patronage makes towards our ability to pass goodwill on to others.

"A man is called selfish not for pursuing his own good, but for neglecting his neighbor's"     Richard Whately