Messages that meet the eye

Trade show display graphics have powerful influence on your audience at face-to-face events. Marketing and advertising industry research states that on average; you have three to seven seconds to catch your potential customer's attention with your brands message.'s award-winning graphic design team utilizes years of creative experience and cutting-edge graphic printing technologies to capture your prospective customer’s attention and turn precious seconds into inspired awareness and quality engagement.

Graphic Design & Production

Graphic Design & Production Services

Whatever your graphics application


Whether creating graphics for a newly purchased trade show booth, replacing graphics on an existing trade show exhibit or simple banner stand artwork; our sole objective is to create a stunning environment that conveys your company’s message to your targeted audience.

Our graphic design process ensures clients easy and direct access to multi-faceted possibilities available in the advanced world of graphic arts today. During the exploratory process our graphic designers will work directly with you or your team to assess your objective and complete a thorough review process with you upon creation to ensure your graphic design exceeds expectation. Once approved our graphics team will fabricate impactful custom fitted graphics that meet all your visual and size specifications for use.

Our team would be happy to walk you through our graphic design and production services and provide detailed cost estimates for your trade show program.

Graphic Production Capabilities

4K Print Technology is not about a printer – it’s about an entire new thought and action process that goes into making brilliant fabric graphics. 4K Print Technology combines a new and improved printer with updated and enhanced color profiling techniques, various software, superior inks, fabrics designed for color enhancement and most importantly, all of the long hours of experimentation,
desire and training that melded it all together into a process that you experience only with 4k print technology.

Client Supplied Graphic Artwork

While we would love the opportunity to provide our award winning graphic design services, we understand that many of our customers have their own graphic design teams and capabilities. If you choose to supply your own graphic files for printing, which we refer to as 'client supplied artwork' then certain artwork and file specifications are required in order to interface properly with our production methods, printer equipment and media / substrates. Please see our Artwork Guidelines page that provides details regarding acceptable file formats, file set up, DPI, and other pertinent information.