A splash here, a dash there..

Like a pre-owned home, a pre-owned exhibit also retains its structural integrity, its curb appeal and delivers significant cost saving advantages. Many times with only a small touch here, a minor addition there and some fresh graphics applied; a used exhibit, or as we prefer, a pre-owned exhibit property can be an ideal solution for many exhibitors.

Many savvy exhibitors are realizing that by adding, removing and modifying components to fit specific configurations, updating surface treatments, adding a few highlights such as color, lighting or AV can create a stunning display at a fraction of the cost of building new and achieve the same net result with better ROI.

After nearly two decades and thousands of rebranded exhibits later, specializes in bringing new life to a used exhibit. For many of our customers we simply modify the core signage and detachable graphics to rebrand the exhibit. For some clients that see potential opportunity beyond just the signage and graphics, we provide a more customized rebranding service where we bring the exhibit into our facilities for more extensive modification.

Rebranding Services

Used Exhibit Rebranding

As the original pioneers and creators of the world's largest market place for pre-owned and used exhibits, we are the experts at taking any display and making it your own. Large or small, every pre-owned exhibit contains its own personality and can easily be transformed for new ownership. Our team is happy to walk you through our rebranding services and illustrate how buying and rebranding a used trade show booth is a very effective way to save costs. Buying used can also help meet most corporate green agendas within your trade show program.