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Ready to sell an exhibit? We make it easy!

Congratulations! You have taken the first step to successfully recoup valuable marketing dollars initially spent on your expensive trade show exhibit. Come join thousands of sellers who successfully listed ads with us on our exclusive pre-owned marketplace and put tens of millions of dollars back in their budgets. Our exhibitor resource was created specifically for connecting motivated sellers directly to interested buyers seeking quality used exhibits like yours throughout North America.

Why Exhibittrader.com?

Unlike generic listing sites such as Craigslist, eBay or “quasi used exhibit re-sellers”, we work for you, we direct market to our interested audience and strive to quickly sell your display. As the pioneers of the Pre-Owned exhibit marketplace, we have the experience, are fully optimized for precision internet targeting and utilize the proven formulas required to successfully attract interested buyers looking to purchase your valuable pre-owned exhibit. Whether selling a large custom display or a portable modular type display system, our strategic platform and attention to all the pertinent details greatly increase your likelihood of a successful used exhibit sale.

"Selling our used booths through Exhibit Trader has been a very pleasant experience. We've sold several trade show exhibits through them and have always been met with more than satisfying results."

- TideLine Design, Inc.

Realities of Owning an Exhibit
after it’s Useful Purpose

As a tradeshow exhibit owner or exhibit manager, you are not alone if you find yourself paying excessive storage charges or being quoted an exorbitant disposal fee as the answers to an exhibit property that no longer has a purpose. Therefore typical reality goes something like this… You paid a small fortune for the exhibit, your responsible for the booth, you know your exhibit well and common sense instincts are screaming that your display still has good life remaining and value? Your right it does! That’s were Exhibittrader.com steps in to help you.

Realities of Owning an Exhibit after its Useful Purpose

Let us show you a different way

Your common sense instincts and logical reasoning is correct! In most cases your used exhibit is in good working condition, still has plenty of life left in it and has a significant resale value remaining. Our goal at Exhibittrader.com is to help you sell your beautiful exhibit and put good money back in your budget vs. leaving you no alternative or ongoing expense!

Let us show you a different way of thinking and doing business. We offer you a much better solution. Using the Exhibittrader.com marketplace can easily put some of your original exhibit investment dollars back into your checkbook for other valued corporate needs going forward.

It makes good business sense and we know selling a used trade show display works, we are the pre-owned exhibit experts and we have proven our success time and time again…!

How easy our process is

How easy our process is:

Once you make the decision to sell your pre-owned exhibit on consignment using our marketplace and your property is approved for listing. Then we go right to work. Our fee is a simple consignment fee that covers our cost to market to tens of thousands of exhibit managers and be the number one placement in all the search engines for those actively searching for a pre-owned and used exhibit solution. There are no upfront costs to you and we only collect our small fee when you sell your exhibit based on the actual final amount it sold for.

It’s a true WIN, WIN, WIN for all, the exhibit seller, the new buyer and exhibittrader.com for successfully connecting both parties and providing a logical solution to a perplexing dilemma or ongoing expense!