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Below we have assembled a brief list of the frequently asked questions we receive on a consistent basis from our customers. Of course, each individual customer, project and/or situation is different and ALL questions are good questions. If you do not find the answer that you are searching for here or there is not a more detailed explanation in an area of the website specifically relating to your question? Do not hesitate to call us, email us, or chat with us online and our team will address any and all your individual questions promptly.

Trade Show Exhibit FAQ

Buying a New
Trade Show Display

Q: Are graphics included in new exhibit pricing?
A: Yes, graphics are included in our packaged exhibit kits, however custom displays and exhibits are quoted based on individual exhibit design and specifications.

Q: Do you offer graphic design services?
A: Yes, our highly experienced graphic designers and state of the art production teams are experts in designing and creating eye catching tradeshow graphics and company branding.

Q: Can I ship on my shipping account?
A: In most cases; yes our clients can ship and track their shipment with their own account.

Q: Do your products come with a warranty?
A: Yes, all of our products come with a warranty against manufacture's defects, the length of warranty will vary by product. Our Display Consultants will be able to provide specific warranty information on the display product you are looking to purchase.

Q: What is your Return Policy?
A: All hardware returns for "off the shelf" exhibit product and kits are subject to a 25% restocking fee and must be made within 72 hours after receipt of product. All custom graphics and custom built displays are non-refundable.

Renting a
Trade Show Exhibit

Q: When I rent an exhibit does ExhibitTrader coordinate the shipping, set up and dismantle at the show?
A: Yes, our rental program is turnkey. We arrange shipping to and from the event, supervise, and provide the labor for installation and dismantle. Our Display Consultants will provide cost estimates for these additional services based on your show location, installation date and times provided in the official show service kit.

Q: Can I order your rental displays for any trade show or event venue?
A: Yes, our standard and custom rentals options are available for use most anywhere in the US and Canada.

Q: Can you assist us in customizing a rental to meet with our corporate brand and messaging requirements?
A: Yes, all rental packages will be designed specifically to your company colors, graphics and brand messaging.

Q: Do you have graphic designers to help us with brand messaging?
A: Yes, our graphics team will design graphics for you or provide artwork templates and work directly with your design team.

Q: Do you supply rentals and accessories for special events?
A: Yes, depending on exactly what you are looking for, we can fill most any rental request.

Buying a Used
Trade Show Exhibit

Q: I have a more specific questions about the booth not answered in a listing, such as, are there more photos available, shipping weight and case inventory, how long does it take to set up, does it require professional I&D labor, storage costs?
A: We always recommend that you reach out to the exhibit owner using the "contact seller" feature on the ad that you are interested in learning more about. You may also contact us here at ExhibitTrader.com directly and our team we will be happy to provide our expertise on the exhibit as well as budgeting estimates for shipping, installation and dismantling, etc..

Q: How do I create new graphics and make modifications to the display?
A: Contact us here at ExhibitTrader.com and we will be happy to provide our expertise on the exhibit. For almost two decades we have worked with exhibitors like yourself who have bought used booths through our site and needed assistance customizing the booth to fit their exhibiting and branding requirements. We can provide estimates for new graphics and modifications required as well as produce the new graphics and make the modifications needed. Whether we bring the exhibit into of our refurbishment locations or we drop ship new graphics to you, we are here to help make the process of buying and rebranding a used booth a smooth one.

Q: Who pays for the shipping of the exhibit?
A: Typically the buyer pays freight upon leaving the seller’s location. However, shipping can always be part of negotiation between buyer and seller.

Q: I've not heard from the seller. Can you help me connect with them?
A: Yes, however we typically give the seller 24-48 hours to respond to an inquiry due to the nature of the tradeshow business and corporate travel. If you still have not been contacted after this period, contact us and we will help you to connect.

Q: Who and how do I pay for the used exhibit listed on ExhibitTrader.com?
A: You will pay the seller of the used exhibit direct via whatever means of payment is acceptable to them in order to complete your tradeshow display purchase.

Selling a Used
Trade Show Booth

Q: Will ExhibitTrader.com buy my used exhibit?
A: Unfortunately, we do not buy booths directly. ExhibitTrader.com is the convention industries leading platform for exhibitors buying and selling pre-owned trade show displays. Small businesses to fortune 500’s to a vast majority of exhibit companies across the country utilize our platform because of our success rate with delivering buyers... We provide an industry specific classified that allows you to list your booth for sale with pictures and detailed information that real buyers want when purchasing. There is no upfront cost to list a booth on our site, eliminating any middleman/broker from low balling the value of your exhibit for their profit vs. yours. We charge only a small published consignment fee for service and bring you unmatched trade show exhibit experience, top listing on all major search engines for used booth related searches, we direct market to a large database of exhibit buyers and showcase your property to our marketplace that receives over 25k visitors a month and sells over 72% of the used booths listed on a classified platform.

Q: What type of displays does ExhibitTrader.com accept on consignment?
A: We take a wide variety of trade show exhibits and event marketing displays on consignment. Inline Exhibits, Island Exhibits, Peninsula Exhibits, Two Story Exhibits, Mobile Marketing Exhibits, Outdoor Displays, and Specialty Kiosk are all accepted Display types. We do require that any display or exhibit be a complete display system. We no longer accept accessory style postings such as counters, carpet, pop up frames, miscellaneous booth parts, or incomplete structures. We also require that any listing have quality photos and a minimum of information about the system. All used booth postings are reviewed and approved by our staff before accepting on consignment. If your ad is denied, you will receive an e-mail highlighting the reason(s) it was rejected. Visit our Criteria for Denial page to learn more about why an ad may not be approved.

Q: What is the cost to sell my trade show display on ExhibitTrader.com?
A: There is no upfront cost for listing a booth for sale on consignment with us. Only when your display has been sold do we ask for a 15% commission on the final selling price of the booth.

Q: How much should I sell my Exhibit for?
A: Used Booths that sell through our pre-owned market place typically get 20% - 30% of original purchase price depending on age, condition, rebrand ability, etc… This is just an average, each exhibit is unique, we suggest that you use our free online tool "The Estimator" to quickly find a current market value for your used display in seconds or receive a more customized quote if you would like from our resale team.

Q: How long will it take to sell my used display?
A: The length of time it takes to sell your exhibit on site varies greatly for each display. Each exhibit sale is unique, however our average time for a used booth sale is approximately 4 months. If you are selling a display that is portable / modular, more lightweight and can be easily updated for the buyer – chances are your display will sell quicker than a larger, custom built exhibit that may be quite a bit heavier, require professional install & dismantle, and ships in many large crates. Please don’t let this deter you if you have a larger custom exhibit. We sell just as many large booths as we do small ones, it just takes a bit longer to find the right buyer.

Q: Do I need to set it up and get photos? (Keys to a successful sale)
A: The more you do to help the sale of your tradeshow exhibit, naturally the better your success rate. We suggest that you document and photo your booth at show site and when packed in storage. All ads must have at least one image (an actual photo or design rendering) of the exhibit to be listed on site.

Q: How do I respond when someone is interested in my used trade show display?
A: Anytime your display receives a message from an interested buyer, an e-mail is immediately generated to you notifying that your exhibit as received an inquiry. You are prompted to log in to your secure online seller portal to review the message from the buyer and access their contact details on how you can get a hold of them.

Q: I have someone that wants to buy my display. How does ad closure notification and consignment payment work?
A: Once you have accepted a final offer from the buyer, close your ad inside your seller portal or notify us so that we can close the ad and update as sold. The buyer will pay you directly. Upon receipt of payment for your display from the buyer, ExhibitTrader.com will invoice you (the seller) our consignment fee based on a verified final selling price of the sold display and per your consignment contract. ExhibitTrader.com’s consignment fee is due within 14 days of invoice. We accept, most company checks, ACH, credit cards, wire transfers and EFT.