Pinwheel 14 x 4 Rental Hanging Sign

As Shown: $3,317
Hanging Signs & Structures are the perfect way to prominently display your brand and messaging at events and trade shows, or as the focal point of a display in a large number of environments. A wide variety of three and two-dimensional aluminum tube frame structures are available for rent. With a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from, you're sure to find a solution to draw attention and create a dramatic effect.

Rental Formulate™ hanging structures feature lightweight, yet durable aluminum tube frames and connecting cables and rings. Simply select the shape and size of the structure you wish to rent, and then determine the best graphic option for you. Graphics are made of soft, dye-sublimated stretch fabric and cover the frame like a pillowcase, stretching over the entire frame structure. Zippers are featured on the top of the graphic and provide tension to ensure the graphic fits tightly over the frame.
  • Product Details:
    Rental Price Includes:
    lightweight aluminum tube frames
    connecting cables and rings
    graphics as shown

    Single Sided Price:  $2884.00
    Double Sided Price: $3915.00