RE-9085 CPK Island

As Shown: $34,000
The Rental Island Exhibits go way beyond a pretty picture. We've incorporated key features such as large graphics, private and semi-private conference rooms, towers with locking storage access, and workstations and reception counters with secure storage. Not enough? Then add product shelves, large and small monitors for presentations, a variety of light fixtures, and hanging signs for high visibility from anywhere on the show floor. We also offer three contemporary double-deck configurations.

The right design is everything, choose from one of our established gallery designs, mix and match components from one exhibit to another, or allow us to create a design based on your exhibiting criteria.
  • Exhibit Size: 20' x 30'
  • Available for Purchase: Concept 9515
  • Product Details:
    Rental Price Includes:
    Large Format Tension Fabric and Direct Print Sintra Graphics 
    16' High Tower/Storage Closet with Black Laminated Soffits with Recessed Puck Lights, Locking Door
    Double-Sided L-Shape Lounge Wall
    (2) RE-1202 Sample Counters with Locking Door and Interior Shelves, and Extended SuperNova Double-sided LED Lightboxes (39" x 39")
    (1) RE-1202 Rectangular Reception Counter with Locking Door and Interior Shelf.
    (8) Double-sided Flat Gravitee Panels (46" W x 95" H) for Storage Closet
    (3) Double-sided Flat Gravitee Panels (38" W x 95" H) for Storage Closet
    (1) Flat Gravitee Door (38" W x 95" H) for Storage Closet
    (4) Double-Sided Flat Gravitee Panels (46" W x 95" H) for L-Shape Divider Wall
    (2) Double-Sided Flat Gravitee Panels (46" W x 47-1/2" H) for L-Shape Divider Wall
    (1) RE-194 Square Aero Hanging Sign Structure (10' Wide x 36" High)
    (1) RE-713 Charging Table with Graphics
    (2) Large Monitor Mounts
    Standard Rental Laminate Finishes -- Black and White
    Fabric Blockers Included
     Monitors, and Furniture Not Included
    Custom Modular Assembly: Slide Clip Connectors and Locking Hex Key Connections (tool included)

    Attractive Contemporary Designs
    Engineered Aluminum Extrusion
    Vibrant Tension Fabric Graphics
    Easy Assembly
    Double-deck Options
    Individually Labeled Components with Corresponding Set-up Diagrams
    Staged and Photographed with Your Graphics before Shipping
    Rentals Mean No Storage or Maintenance

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