RE-9098 Island Exhibit

As Shown: $33,324

Check . . . Check . . . Check. These inline and island exhibits have it all! Large tension fabric graphics, presentation area. large monitor and iPad capability, massive storage, and modern streamline design. The islands even include conference rooms and two-sided lightboxes. Whether you're looking for 20 ft. inline, or a 20 ft. or 30 ft. island, these designs will maximize your trade show marketing impact at prices that will amaze.

All Visionary Designs combine vibrant tension fabric graphics, durable aluminum extrusions, and elegant laminates into an unmistakable island or inline trade show exhibit. 

  • Exhibit Size: 20' x 30'
  • Available for Purchase: Concept 9518
  • Product Details:
    Rental Price Includes:
    All Tension Fabric and Direct Print Graphics Shown
    Engineered Aluminum Structure
    (2) 7' 3" x 1' 6" Plex Canopies with Colored Transparent Film (one section)
    (4) Puck Lights
    (1) 6' W x 16' H Tower with Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG)
    (1) 6' x 3' 3" Closet with Locking Door and Shelves
    (1) 8' x 8' Conference Area with Stepped Frosted Plex Walls
    (1) Double-sided Lightbox (2' 9" W x 6' 6" H) and (2) 1' x 1' Shelves
    (3) Fabric Graphics (5' 5" W x 8' H)
    (2) 71" x 16" Double-sided Direct Print Headers
    (1) 44" x 37" Frosted Plex with Vinyl Logo (in conference area)
    (1) 71" x 16" Double-sided Direct Print
    (1) 26" x 90" Fabric Graphic
    (1) MOD-1327 Reception Counter (32" W x 29" D x 45" H)
    (6) MOD-1316 iPad Clamshell Frames (backwall)
    (8) ZB-221 Metal Brochure Holders
    (2) Large Monitor Mounts
    Standard Rental Laminate Finishes -- Black and White
    Fabric-Lined Crate with Customized Jigging and Reusable Packaging
    Excludes Monitors, Furniture, and Accessories
    Made in the USA
    Note: Re-configuration May Require Additional Components. Request Details

    Custom Modular Assembly: Fully-Assembled Components and Locking Hex Key Connections (tool included)

    Large Format Tension Fabric Graphics
    Engineered Aluminum Frame
    Presentation Area
    Locking Storage in Counter and Closet
    Modern Streamline Design
    Individually Numbered Components
    Reusable Packaging
    Fabric-lined Custom Crates with Jigging
    Made in the USA