Two Story Exhibit - 13

As Shown: $83,668

You've seen other exhibitors with double-decks. You've seen the crowds they attract and how a double-deck maximizes their trade show footprint. The VK-5156 is designed to transform a typical 20 x 20 space into an effective presentation area while encouraging face-to-face interaction between your team and potential clients. There's a reception counter with storage, a podium, and an iPad kiosk for attendees who want to learn more about your products or services. For larger and more private meetings, the upper deck is large enough for multiple groups and includes a charging table for your phone or tablet. 

As if that's not enough, the large overhead hanging sign announces your presence throughout the show hall with 360-degree visibility. The double-deck can be re-configured for a 20 x 30 space. As an added bonus, there's a large walk-in closet for storage

  • Exhibit Size: 20' x 20'
  • Available for Purchase: Concept 9599
  • Product Details:
    Rental Price Includes:
    All Tension Fabric and Direct Print Graphics Shown
    Engineered Aluminum Structure
    (1) Aluminum Double-Deck with Wood Steps, Sintra Risers, and Plex or Sintra Accents
    (1) MOD-1185 Reception Counter with Locking Storage and Shelf
    (1) Tension Fabric Or Sintra Facade
    (1) Single-sided SuperNova LED Lightbox (approx. 54" W x 103" H)
    (2) Double-sided SuperNova LED Lightboxes (approx. 54" W x 103" H)
    (1) MOD-1435 Charging Coffee Table with USB Ports and LED Perimeter Lights
    (1) MOD-1370 Portable iPad Stand with Locking Clamshell Enclosure
    (1) MOD-1297 Podium with Locking Storage
    (1) Closet Storage
    (1) Round Aero Overhead Hanging Sign with Pillowcase Graphic (192" D x 48" H)
    (1) Large Monitor Mount
     Wood Crates with Customized Jigging and Reusable Packaging
    Excludes Monitor, Rental Furniture, and Flooring
    Made in the USA
    Note: Re-configuration May Require Additional Components. Request Details

    Custom Modular Assembly: Fully- and Semi-Assembled Components and Locking Hex Key Connections (tool included)

    Large Format Tension Fabric Graphics
    Aluminum Double-Deck Structure
    Engineered Aluminum Frame
    Casual Meeting Areas
    Presentation Area
    Charging Station with LED Perimeter Lights
    Locking Storage in Counter and Closet
    Modern Streamline Design
    Individually Numbered Components
    Reusable Packaging
    Fabric-lined Custom Crates with Jigging