Two Story Exhibit - 9

As Shown: $38,272
The Golf Great design combines the 9 x 9 deck with a straight staircase and landing for a private meeting area without eating floor space. A large Hyperlite mural covers one side of the booth while matching standard Hyperlite signs create branding on the other 2 sides. This is still a very open booth with plenty of space for a reception counter, a shelving unit and a demo area. There is a storage closet under the stair landing.
  • Exhibit Size: 20' x 20'
  • Available for Purchase: Concept 9594
  • Product Details:
    Estimated weight 5,000 pounds

    Rental Price Includes:
    Graphics as shown
    Locking closet under landing
    9x9 second level
    Straight stairway with landing
    (1) rectangle designer counter
    (3) rail mount sign frames w/lights
    Ceiling with 8 telescopic lights
    (8) literature shelves
    (1) full height wall

    Optional Accessories:
    26” or 42” LCD monitor

    LCD or plasma mount
    Additional counters
    Counter height stools
    Literature shelves
    Laptop shelves
    Additional clamp-on lights
    Tables and chairs
    20x20 carpet and pad